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Find the App for your “Community & Town” by using the search option below.
NOTE: Each unique Community and Town Mobile App is identified by the County Seat’s US Postal ZIP Code
If an App for your “Community and Town” is not found, you may request one be developed.

Currently available in eight North East Georgia Counties

  1. Lumpkin County, GA – My 30533
  2. Dawson County, GA – My 30534
  3. Union County, GA – My 30512
  4. White County, GA – My 30528
  5. Habersham County, GA – My 30523
  6. Hall County, GA – My 30503
  7. Forsyth County, GA – My 30040
  8. Pickens County, GA – My30143

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How to place the Mobile App Icon on your phone’s Home Screen: Remember, It’s 100% FREE!

Instruction for saving (PWA) Progressive Web Apps to your phone’s Home Screen.
Android and some iPhones, are much more straight forward as they will prompt you asking you, the users, to add to home screen.
If not prompted just  open the settings functions within the web browser and choose the “Add to Home Screen” option.

For Apple iPhone:
When viewing the Progressive Web App in Safari:
1) Press the action button (up arrow going through a box).
2) On the bottom row of icons, scroll to find “Add to Home Screen”
3) Push “Add” in the upper right corner
And voila! The application is now saved to your home screen.

Here’s a video for reference:
How to Save PWA to Apple iOS Home-Screen

NOTE: “THE CONVENIENCE APP” is a progressive web App (PWA) that you may also open and save on your Desktop or Laptop computers. Google Chrome browser is recommended. Open the app in the Google Chrome browser, once opened in the upper right corner click the three vertical dots, next click More Tools, then click “Create Shortcut. You’re done, the icon should now be on your computers home screen.